An Appeal

CDECS is a name for catalytic action to the development initiatives in real sense.The whole effort of the organization is to initiate and facilitate an alternative view to this decade of development paradigm.The organization in its journey over the years has always strived to streamline and strengthen capsules of development for deprived and disadvantaged sections.Every step of action in the organization is focused and analyzed in the domain and benefits to the common man in order to develop faith, trust, confidence, strength and strong belief in them.Certainly, we as developmental organization seeking support from our well wishers and national and international agencies, industrial houses, NRIs and development Foundations to contribute for the disadvantaged section of the State of Rajasthan.We strive to do best with them in following sector.
Women and Children in the dire need of Reproductive and Child Health services.
Children has not conversant with rays of education and school in the childhood.
Girls who were out of the school.
Street children &Child Labour.
Children and mothers suffering from deficiency of micro-nutrients and malnutrition and their whole life become burden.
Water quality, Flouride,Rain water conservation where water is precious.
Changing behavior,attitude and practices about sanitation, hygiene.
Children suffering from blindness, eye problem, and other related diseases.
Child marriage.
Educating about HIV/AIDS and community contact programme Focus on developing Village/area specific plan in the project area.
Ecological management.
Caring for joyfulness of elderly.
SHGs and women empowerment.
Work on GIS & GPS.
Solid waste Management.
Research and evaluation related to socio-economic development, water, solid waste management.
Life skill education related to social sector.
Setting up resource centre - for sanitation, elementary education, women development, water.
Entering into expanding the organization horizon by training more and more professionals by initiating professional courses.
Work on Rural Information & Communication Technologies(ICT)