Executive Committee is the Apex committee for taking the decisions related to the organizational perspective. The each and every activity of the agency has been approved in the Executive committee meetings. There has been provision of 2 meetings of EC in a year but based on the requirement of the organization the meetings has been called by the President. operational level, Chief Executive cum Member Secretary in the head to take up the organization day to day activities. His overall responsibilities to work as per the direction of the Executive Committee and direction time to time received from President namely, Planning and Management of the all the programmes and liaison with the support agencies.The Decentralized system of management is the principle of the agency means every project is handled independently by the project in-charge/Project Officer of the project. Largely the organization monitors and also support in planning, Implementation and review of the programme and its associated activities regularly i.e. fortnightly/monthly, through its regular structure namely Chief executive and the faculties responsible for the same.
As far as the management of the project/programme with the organization for the village development/rural development, the organization take up through the same through Institution building approach i.e. building the local institutions and strengthening the same, so that the beneficiaries themselves took part in the overall management.In the Executive committee, there are members comprising of expert, subject matter specialists and local level institutions who were earlier beneficiaries of the programmes who are now advocating for the organization initiatives and shape the development model locally.
Administration, Team Management & Executive committee
The administration is sensitive to the cause and the people for which CDECS is working.
Orders for expenditure from the Chief executive as per the approval of the Executive committee
Regular vouchers, cash book and ledger (computerized in tally)
Payments in majority of cases i.e. expenditure more than Rs.5000 is made by cheque A/C payee
For purchase tender is invited to have competitive rates
Control budget and receipt registers
The transactions is made through bank in dual signatories i.e. President/Treasurer and Secretary
Source of generating funds
Grant-in- aid
Project Funds
Revenue from Hiring of organization facilities
Community Participation