Future Areas Of Actions

Working more on reduction of Infant Mortality, Morbidity, Nutrition control.
Stepping ahead on sensitizing the disadvantaged community to work in a integrated manner on the social and economic issues themselves.
Holistic development of area and the people.
Management of Health services for better access to poor people.
Quality Drinking water and community.
Disaster Management.
Water Harvesting and water conservation
Gender equality and equity.
Working towards improving the quality of life of underprivileged in a specific manner.
Focus on making the community more self-dependent towards fulfilling their needs.
Focus on developing Village/area specific plan in the project area.
Pro-poor City Planning.
Work on GIS.
Research and evaluation related to socio-economic development, water, solid waste management.
Like skill education related to social sector.
Setting up resource centre - for sanitation, elementary education, women development.
Entering into expanding the organization horizon by training more and more professionals by initiating professional courses.