Sanitation, Eco-sanitation, Solid waste Management (SWM)

The institution has been involved in more than 300 villages in Jaipur, Baran, Bikaner, Alwar & Tonk district of the state with support from UNICEF and Panchayti Raj Department & TSC. The main goal of the project intervention is to reduce IMR and morbidity amongst under 5 years’ children and strengthen local community to take responsibility of management of drinking water and other areas of development. The major thrust areas of intervention under sanitation were,

Personal hygiene
Home sanitation
Safe disposal of waste water from household
Promotion of Safe drinking water sources
Safe disposal of human excreta
Disposal of waste and animal waste
Community sanitation
The institution has been engaged in implementation of Sanitation campaign and constructed more than 1500 sanitary units. The different models of sanitary units taken up are,
Low cost single pit and double pit pour flush latrines
Ventilated Improved pit toilets
Eco-san units

The institution is looking forward to replicate the sanitation experience in other parts of the state in order to have cent percent coverage in the project area.

Under the sanitation drive the agency has also been engaged in operating the sanitary mart/production centers to have access to low cost sanitary items to the rural mass.