History And Evolution

History & Evolution
The organization has shown its seed in the Pink City of the country to work with VOLAGS/NGO's, Government Agencies, National, International and Bilateral agencies. The professionals with the organization, after working with various funding and Government agencies felt that development intervention the State of Rajasthan need very specific and different approach for both People�s Development and the development of area. The voluntary and non-professional way of working has innumerable problems in long run, which hampers the real growth after lots many financial and physical investments since independence.

We firmly believe in "PARTICIAPTORY DEVELOPMENT PROCESS ", which would be sustainable too. 

CDECS into existence as a result of the concerns of few committed people to secure integrated development through people's participation. The key areas identified for interventions were development communication, social development, natural resource development, wasteland development, local resource management, health and hygiene,Solid Waste Management,ICT, sanitation, Eco-sanitation, drinking water, adult literacy & education, gender and environmental issues. Our efforts resulted in long lasting association with Government and Quasi Government agencies as also the communities and groups with whom we have worked all these years.

We have come a long way after a small beginning in 1995-96 and in a span of few eventful years we have implemented a wide variety of projects covering activities like Special plan of action,Integrated Village Planning ,Child Development & ensuring Child rights,Behaviour change communication, School health & Sanitation, constructing and use of rain water harvesting structure in water scare and water quality problem zone, tribal development, low cost sanitation, alternate energy sources, self help groups, projects for women empowerment and employment generated training programmes, etc. in various Districts of Rajasthan.

While implementing different developmental projects, our thrust has always been to secure people's participation. At "CDECS" we have always believe in the capacities and capabilities of the communities and have always strive to channel hidden and dormant energies of the people for the betterment of the societies at large. Our efforts have always been directed in the direction of creating an environment conducive of giving opportunities to local people to think and act positively. We have always endeavoured to develop skills and competencies of local communities with a view to enabling them to manage, operate and maintain the assets, created through the implementation of various projects on sustainable basis.

This philosophy of ours has led us to adopt a holistic and participatory approach to Rural & Urban development. We believe in covering all the sections of the society in a village and hence we work through the village level forum/institutions which incidentally are a truly representative body. Further, we also make optimum use of participatory appraisal techniques to understand people's concept, view point and develop a suitable and people friendly model of development.